Speaking in a Q&A session held towards the end of December 2009, Capcom president Haruhiro Tsujimoto revealed that the publisher, having learned a hard lesson with Bionic Commando, now aims to develop new titles primarily in Japan.

"Our experience with Bionic Commando has demonstrated the difficulty of outsourcing the development of new title to overseas companies," said Tsujimoto. "Nevertheless, we cannot develop a sufficient number of titles without using the resources of these companies. This is why we plan to continue using these alliances."

He added: "We are considering ways to separate the roles of activities in Japan and overseas. We plan to develop new titles primarily in Japan. Overseas companies may be used mostly to develop titles for existing game series with well-established characters and universal themes. Overseas companies will also handle certain parts and/or line-ups of such games."

It sounds like we'll be seeing more developments following the pattern of Dead Rising - the sequel farmed out to Canadian studio Blue Castle, and very few projects such as Airtight Games' Dark Void.

Via Kotaku