Capcom struggling with XBLA file size limit

Capcom struggling with XBLA file size limit
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The Xbox 360’s LIVE Arcade service has come under fire from Capcom, publisher of hit next-gen titles Dead Rising and Lost Planet. The Japanese giant is having to cut corners in its Xbox LIVE Arcade title Bionic Commando: Rearmed.

Speaking to 1UP, Capcom producer Ben Judd revealed that Bionic Commando: Rearmed for PlayStation 3 and PC will sport higher resolution textures than the Xbox 360 version. This is because Capcom is having problems fitting the larger textures inside the 150MB LIVE Arcade file limit.

1UP also quizzed John Schappert, Microsoft’s corporate VP of Xbox Live, Software, and Services about the problems Capcom is experiencing.

“That’s surprising to hear,” said Schappert. “Last I checked it was Capcom that had an exception to our file size with Street Fighter II [Hyper Fighting]…. We raised our limit to 150 megs, which seems pretty darn great…. I don’t think it has limited our games in any way. Look at Rez HD. Look at Poker Smash. Look at Undertow. These are very, very, very good games.”

Last month Capcom revealed exclusively to that it was having similar problems with its Xbox LIVE Arcade version of SSF2T:HD Remix. Director David Sirlin revealed that developer Backbone is struggling to fit the new HD graphics into the Xbox LIVE download limit and admitted that including remixed music as well as the original music was proving “difficult or impossible”.

Microsoft has stated it has no plans to increase the XBLA file size limit. Are Xbox 360 gamers concerned about the problems Capcom is experiencing and do you think Microsoft should increase the file size limit to ensure released games are not inferior to the PSN versions? Let us know in the comments section below.