The forthcoming digital release of Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition will be the most expensive downloadable title Capcom has ever made, the publisher has revealed.

The revelation was made by Christian Svensson, vice president of strategic planning and business development, during a live "Ask Capcom" Q&A, as reported by Siliconera.

"When I look at Street Fighter III, Street Fighter III is currently our highest budget - at least out of this office - the highest budget digital title we've done," said Svensson. "It's higher than [Super Street Fighter II Turbo] HD Remix."

"We're trying to raise the bar not just for Capcom, but for sort of the sector," he added.

Later, in response to a question from a viewer, Svensson again confirmed that the new game would have a higher budget than HD Remix - despite the fact that the latter game featured entirely re-drawn sprites.

Capcom has yet to confirm a platform or release date for the game, but Svensson stated that we would be "deluged with information in about four weeks," suggesting that we'll probably hear more at this year's E3.

Capcom is renowned for its fighting titles, and given the success of Street Fighter 4 and Marvel vs Capcom 3, as well as Super Street Fighter II: HD Remix, it's hardly surprising to see the publisher putting its cash behind Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition.

I do wish that they'd start using shorter titles for their games, however.