Special moves in upcoming 2D beat-em-up Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix will be easier to execute compared with previous versions of the series, Capcom has revealed.

In an update to the developer's blog, Street Fighter expert David Sirlin, who is overseeing the design and gameplay on Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix, revealed that many potential players are locked out of experiencing the classic beat-em-up because they "can't Dragon Punch or do Fei Long's flying kicks".

Speaking in the first post of a new Behind-the-Scenes: Rebalancing Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix series, Sirlin said: "I'd like to reverse this trend. There's only so far I can go with this and still call it SF2, but wherever I could, I turned the knob towards easy execution of moves."

Some of the rebalancing includes making Dragon Punch timing more forgiving, removing the need to press up for 360 motions like Zangief's Spinning Pile Driver, removing the Tiger Knee motion, making mash moves, like E Honda's Hundred Hand Slap, easier and changing three-button moves to two-button moves.

Hardcore fans worried about the changes need not fear, the game will include an arcade perfect gameplay version of SSF2T with new art and music, so you'll be getting two games in one.

Sirlin added: "Let's emphasize good decision making - the true core of competitive gamesand get rid of artificially difficult commands... This will get more players interested in the game, eventually leading to more competition. It will also get players past the awkward beginner phase faster and into the intermediate phase where the interesting strategy starts to emerge."

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