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Capcom: Early Resident Evil 6 copies were stolen

Copies of Resident Evil 6 sold by a Polish store last week were “stolen”, Capcom has told VideoGamer.com.

Speaking to us about last week’s leak, which saw copies of Resident Evil 6 go on sale in Poland over one month in advance of the game’s official release date, Capcom said that it was “was currently undertaking a thorough investigation into reports that Resident Evil 6 is being sold ahead of its official October 2 release date.

“At this time, all we can add is that it would appear this unfortunate incident is limited to a small quantity of stolen copies of the German USK PlayStation 3 version of the game.”

Reports of the game being sold ahead of its October 2 release were first reported by Polish website Neo Plus, which claimed that it was able to buy an early copy of the game at a store in Poznan, Poland.

This morning, a staff member at the site told VideoGamer.com that they were “not the only person to buy a [copy of Resident Evil 6]. Several more copies have been sold – but not a lot – like not more than ten.”

The game has since been taken off sale, our contact says.

“Nobody is able to purchase the game now,” the Neo Plus staff member continued, “the local store does not offer it anymore.”

Neo Plus also confirmed that the copy currently available to purchase on eBay is not theirs, and that “somebody used our photos”. The seller is asking for a minimum of 2.000,00 Polish Zloty (£380 GBP).

A post on industry forum NeoGAF also suggests that the game found its way onto piracy websites over the weekend.

Neo Plus added that it had been “in contact with Capcom since the day [it] purchased the game.

“We do not plan to spoil the game or publish a review before the embargo,” it continued. “We collaborate with Capcom and help with their investigation on the matter. The relationship between Neo Plus and Capcom is very good.”

Capcom COO Christian Svensson said over the weekend that the early sales would not affect the game’s release date.

Resident Evil 6 officially goes on sale on October 2.


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