With each passing week it looks like the chances of Super Street Fighter IV making it to PC become less and less, but Capcom US vice president of Strategic Planning & Business Development Christian Svensson isn't ready to give up on bringing the game to the platform.

In a live "Ask Capcom" video Q&A, Svensson responded to fan interest in SSFIV coming to PC.

"The answer we've always given to this point has been a little bit one of resource management to some degree. That is to say, we have the guys working on Super Street Fighter IV 3DS. They were previously working on Arcade Edition for arcade. And now that team is working on Street Fighter x Tekken. So we didn't really have the bandwidth for those guys to work on more.

"I think the guys that read [Capcom-Unity forum thread] 'Ask Capcom' frequently know that I am a die-hard, die-hard PC gamer and I've continued to push for the existence of a Street Fighter IV PC.

"I've always said the answer is 'no' until it becomes 'yes,' and let's just say I've not given up pushing, and maybe at some point in the future we could change that question to 'Why did it take so long...' instead of 'Why is there no...' Unfortunately, we can't do that yet, but I'm still cautiously optimistic."

Via Siliconera

Despite Svensson's wish to see the game released on PC, previous comments made by Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono paint a much less rosy picture.

According to the man behind the hit fighting game, Street Fighter IV sold well on PC, but heavy piracy has caused Capcom to treat the platform with caution in order to protect its IP. The kicker for PC gamers is that a compatible version of Super is said to be 99 per cent complete.