Capcom has officially opened its entertainment bar in Tokyo, with the menu revealing a fresh set of game-themed oddities.

Along with the brain cake we reported on earlier in the month, it turns out you can also enjoy a "Tyrant Steak", and Resident Evil cocktails that are served with syringes in them.

If you're a vegetarian or have been mauled by a zombie, it looks like there's an edible version of Resi's famous Green Herbs. There's also a slab of Tofu - although thankfully it's not sentient, nor armed with a knife.

There are actually four separate mini-menus, based upon the Resident Evil, Monster Hunter, Sengoku Basara and, Phoenix Wright series. The latter features a set of octopus balls accompanied by fried pasta in the shape of Wright's distinctive haircut.

You can check out a few translated items on the Capcom Unity blog, or try to decipher the full menu here.

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Objection! Where's Godot's coffee? This seems like a missed opportunity... although perhaps they're avoiding it because people might throw the mugs at each other's heads...