I have no idea what's going on with Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, but I'm excited by every tiny little morsel. The latest update (via Gamespot) is a Facebook video where Gunslinger's Silas Greaves mentions Red Dead Redemption 2's protagonist, Arthur Morgan. 

This isn't a call-out vid, though -- Silas don't want no beef. Instead, Greaves says that 'The Old West is full of legends, and you, Arthur Morgan, soon will be one of the greatest, I'm sure.'

While it's just a nice little nod from the terrific and underrated Gunslinger, it's clever to hop on Rockstar's wild west wagon. At the end of the video, Greaves is heard saying that 'legends never die. They come back stronger than ever.'

This comes after the Facebook page had been given a bit of a Gunslinger-themed facelift after five years of inactivity. Some believe a remaster might be on the way, while others (me) are hoping that this means we might get Gunslinger 2.

When we reviewed it way back when, we said it was 'An impressive effort from a much-criticised developer.' If you haven't played it, I couldn't recommend it more, purely because of how it messes with story-telling and throws up some really cool moments. 

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