Techland, the Polish development studio behind the PC game, is handling the conversion to the Xbox 360 which is lined-up for release in the summer.

The game is set in Texas back in 1882 and sees the player take on the role of two characters: Billy Candle, an outlaw who has been accused of murdering his mother and stepfather; and Ray McCall, a gunslinger with the belief that god has chosen him to kill the evil people in the world - one such person being Billy Candle.

The PC game was a mixed bag - the stealth sections proving a little dull - but it will certainly be a worthy addition to the Xbox 360 catalogue, which to date only has the sloppy port of GUN to satisfy Wild West fans.

The Xbox 360 version will feature full online play over Xbox Live, including standard deathmatch, retrieval and attack and defend modes.

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