Call of Heroes is an action RPG which places the player in a fantasy medieval world where a dimensional portal to the Outer Worlds has opened. Through the portal comes an enemy lead by a demon named Pompolic.

The denizens of this world are on the edge of annihilation, with their last hope in the hands of the last remaining citizens.

Players can choose from two differing characters, each with unique weapons, items and special abilities. As players progress through the game, characters will gain experience, enabling strength, armour and health upgrades.

Although based on the PC version of the game, players can expect plenty of Wii enhancements, as Stewart Green MD of Data Design Interactive explains: "This is already a great game on PC, which is greatly improved with the extensive use of the Wii controllers, to make the player immerse into the magic casting and weapon wielding adventure."

Call of Heroes is scheduled for release on PC in June with the Wii version currently penciled in for the end of the year.