Call of Duty: Ghosts will render at 720p on Xbox One and at native 1080p on PlayStation 4, Infinity Ward has confirmed.

Executive producer Mark Rubin confirmed the rendering resolutions in an update on Twitter this evening, stating:

"Hey, been on the road last couple weeks so haven't had a chance to update, but wanted to confirm that for Xbox One we're 1080p upscaled from 720p. And, we're native 1080p on PS4. We optimized each console to hit 60 FPS and the game looks great on both.

"Still on the road, but glad to see the great reception to Extinction. Can't wait for next week's launch."

Confirmation of the performance difference follows this week's news that Battlefield 4 will also render at a higher resolution on PS4 than Xbox One.

Though DICE has yet to formally confirm Battlefield 4's native output on next-gen consoles, the title is thought to render at 720p on Xbox One and between 900p and 1080p on PS4.

Call of Duty: Ghosts launches on all major platforms - including PlayStation 4 and Xbox One - next Tuesday, November 5.

Source: @IWRubin