UPDATE: The Wolf skin will be available to download from today for $1.99, Infinity Ward has announced. A UK price has yet to be confirmed.

Ghosts wolf

ORIGINAL STORY: Additional skins for the Call of Duty: Ghosts guard dog may be released as DLC, judging by an image uploaded to Reddit.

The image appears to show a promotional inlay featuring "The Wolf", a new skin allegedly for Ghosts' Guard Dog multiplayer killstreak.

The inlay doesn't offer any hint as to when the DLC will become available, how much it'll cost or whether there'll be any alternative skins released. However, the poster claims that the DLC currently scans at $3 in-store.

Activision has yet to announce DLC skins for Call of Duty's dog, but it has previously experimented with downloadable gun skins.

The publisher introduced new premium weapon skins for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 back in March, letting players dress up their guns as, amongst other things, bits of bacon.

VideoGamer.com has contacted Activision for comment.

Source: reddit.com