The Call of Duty Black Ops: Annihilation DLC is out now for PlayStation 3, a month after it originally hit the Xbox 360. It might take a few hours for the download to roll out in all territories.

The third downloadable content pack for Call of Duty Black Ops features four multiplayer maps and a new location for the popular Zombies game mode.

  • Hangar 18 - located in the classified military base of Area 51
  • Drive-In - close quarters combat through a 60's American Drive-In theatre
  • Silo - a secret Soviet nuclear missile site in this multilevel battleground
  • Hazard - a coastal golf course on the cliff sides of Cuba
  • Zombies Shangri-La - a legendary shrine lost in an exotic jungle

Annihilation is priced £11.49 on the PlayStation Store. The PC version of Annihilation is expected to hit later today.

The Call of Duty Black Ops Annihilation Map Pack received a 7/10 in our review of the Xbox 360 download.