SCEE's Buzz!: The Music Quiz was one of the most novel games ever released (almost entirely due to the included buzz controller) and fans are in luck as a general knowledge version is set to arrive in March. Buzz!: The BIG Quiz will use a mixture of pictures, and audio and video clips covering the whole spectrum of topics.

Being the celebrity that he is, Buzz, the host of the show, had a few words to say on his comeback: "After the success of my groundbreaking new format show Buzz!: The Music Quiz, I knew that SCEE would soon be back knocking at my door. I have of course had other offers but am delighted to stay with my friends at SCEE... of course this is about more than money, it's about giving full flow to my creative genius!"

The new game is said to crank up the tension, with a number of new round types and support for up to eight players. Buzz!: The BIG Quiz will be released exclusively for the PlayStation 2 in March.