Missed out on last fortnight's great GTA 5 deal? Well there's no need to panic - providing you're in the market for a leather jacket.

UK retailer The Hut is offering up GTA 5 for free to customers who purchase a leather look jacket. Don't ask me why...

The catch? The jackets available cost slightly more than a standard copy of GTA 5, ranging between £65 and £80, and only men's jackets appear to be included in the offer. Sorry, ladies.

Oh, and they aren't made of real leather either. Instead, the jackets seem to be mostly made of polyvinyl and polyurethane, but they do carry a 'leather look', The Hut claims.

Still, you know, it'll start getting colder by the time GTA 5 comes out. Not that you'll be going out once it's here, of course, but heck, this didn't make any sense from the beginning.

Happy weekend!

(And if you do really want GTA 5 for free - and an Xbox 360 to go along with it - maybe take a look at this deal instead.)