Bust-A-Move DS will utilise the DS's touch screen capabilities by replacing the traditional bubble cannon with a catapult. Using the stylus players will literally fling bubbles into the play area. Using the touch screen also makes for a faster paced game with no more waiting around for the cannon to rotate into place. If you are a Bust-A-Move purist then there's also the option to revert back to the traditional cannon style play.

A new "quick swap" function is also included, where a bubble is always held in reserve, allowing players to quickly switch to the reserve bubble for more options when trying to burst those bubbles. Up to four players will be able to take part in wireless multiplayer gaming, via the use of only one copy of the game.

Bust-A-Move Ghost on the PSP introduces a new Ghost mode that includes a Ghost bubble and a Heart meter. Also included is the classic gameplay with over 1000 new puzzles and four new games, including the PSP exclusive modes Running Launcher, Mix 'Em Up Double Shot and Time Warp. As with the DS game, wireless multiplayer is also supported.

Bust-A-Move DS is scheduled for release on Feb 24, with the PSP game coming a month later on March 24. Both titles are expected to retail for £29.99.