Bugsnax is literal about “you are what you eat,” says developer

Bugsnax is literal about “you are what you eat,” says developer
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The premise of Bugsnax, the weird and whimsical adventure game for the PlayStation 5, has been demystified in an interview with the developer, Young Horses.

Speaking with USGamer.net, Young Horses president Philip Tibitoski told the story of what Bugsnax is actually about and how the player will actually explore the environments of Snaktooth Island. “Bugsnax is a first-person adventure game where you play as a journalist who is sent a mysterious film from an adventurer named Elizabert Megafig,” he began. “She says she’s found these things called Bugsnax, these half-snack half-bug creatures, and she wants you to come and document her discovery with her group of misfit followers. You go to the island, you find that she is nowhere to be found, and instead run into some of her followers.”

I think this might be a slightly sinister disappearance, seeing as the creatures populating the island look like something lifted from Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared. But, I’ve been wrong before. In their role as an investigative journalist, the player will observe the Bugsnax and will only truly understand these creatures when they… “[see] what happens when they’re eaten.”

Jeez. I’m not sure if the googly eyes on these animals are meant to make me feel better or worse about that. Once consumed, the flesh of the poor, unfortunate Bugsnak will cause the character to change their appearance, “with their limbs and bodies turning into foods like curly fries, strawberries, or weenies.” If we had Bugsnax in real life, I think I would be made up of banana, rice, Oreos, chili peppers, and seeded brown bread. I don’t advise eating all of those in one sitting, however.

Finally, Tibitoski revealed that the player will be able to hunt and track Bugsnax through the DualSense controller, with each unique cry sounding from the speaker. The Pokémon Snap influences are strong here, but the developer has also name-dropped Ape Escape, Dark Cloud, and Viva Piñata as inspirations.

Bugsnax will launch this holiday for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC.