Developed by Crackpot Entertainment and published by Gamecock Media Group, Insecticide is an all-new action adventure game coming to PC and handheld - reportedly the Nintendo DS. The game is set in a futuristic city where bugs have evolved into the planet's dominant race.

The game begins with a murder at a powerful company and the police from the Insecticide Squad begin a bug hunt across the city's seedy underbelly. Players join detectives Chrys Liszt and partner Roachy Caruthers on the case as they become increasingly tangled in a web of crime.

"Crackpot Entertainment is breaking the mould of what a traditional game development house is, and with Gamecock we found a publisher who is artist friendly, and willing to let us make the type of games we want, and maintain control of our IP at the same time," said Michael Levine, Founder of Crackpot Entertainment. "With Insecticide, we've built an incredibly deep world that will play well on PC and handheld, as well as translate to different media, from the web to ultimately film and television."

Insecticide is scheduled for release towards the end of the year for PC and handheld.