Broken Sword: The Serpent's Curse has passed its second Kickstarter stretch goal of $650,000, Revolution CEO Charles Cecil announced on Twitter.

"Thrilled that our Kickstarter project has passed second stretch goal at $650K," Tweeted Cecil. "New section to be designed. V exciting."

So far the game has made enough to restore the director's cuttings and now to create a range of exotic locations.

"When Charles first proposed the Serpent's Curse he devised a whole swathe of adventuring in the exotic cradle of civilisation, exploring lost ruins and uncovering long forgotten secrets," explains the Kickstarter. "We thought this was far too ambitious, but when we reach this goal, we can take George and Nico to these thrilling locations packed with fun, danger, and monkeys!"

With four days to go the Kickstarter requires a further $150,000 to reach the $800,000 stretch goal and realise the studio's wildest ambitions for the project.

The $1 million stretch goal and a greenlight for Beneath a Steel Sky 2 currently seems some way off.