3DS JRPG Bravely Default will include microtransactions that allow players to immediately accrue additional 'Sleep Points', a points system used during combat to slow down time and pull off Bravely Second attacks.

Nintendo outlined the system in a press release this morning, finalising prices and revealing that players will receive a discount on the first time they purchase an SP Drink, the item used to restore points.

"Bravely Second is a powerful system in Bravely Default that enables the player to freeze time during a battle," reads the press release.

"Attacks during Bravely Second use Sleep Points that can be accrued when players leave their Nintendo 3DS in Sleep Mode, or through purchasing an SP Drink from Nintendo eShop, which allows the player to recover 3 Sleep Points immediately after the Drink has been used."

SP Drinks will cost 89p each from the eShop, with the first SP Drink available at a discounted 50p.

Bravely Default releases this Friday, December 6 on Nintendo 3DS. The digital version will cost £39.99 from the Nintendo eShop.

Source: Nintendo Press Release