Borderlands 2's Badass Rank reset bug is "not connected" to the game's Mechromancer DLC, Gearbox has claimed.

Multiple users reported yesterday that their Badass Rank had been reset and Gold Keys removed after downloading the title update accompanying the release of the Mechromancer DLC.

But according to Gearbox, the glitch is a "separate issue" that the developer is "continuing to investigate".

"The good news is that the release of Mechromancer and today's update are not connected to the occurrences of Badass Rank being reset," Gearbox's community manager Chris Faylor stated on the game's official forums.

"While the timing may appear coincidental, it's a separate issue that we are continuing to investigate."

Gearbox asks players who have been affected by the bug to email the studio at [email protected] "with as many details as possible to help us gather additional information on the matter".