by on Feb 6, 2020

Bloodborne alternate opening revealed by modder

Modder Lance McDonald, who has recently been excavating numerous secrets P.T., has revealed some cut content for Bloodborne, revealing an older version of the game’s opening.

The first moments in Bloodborne see your cypher-like character waking in a clinic, wherein he is treated to blood ministration by a mysterious old man who isn’t seen again.

McDonald has managed to conjure up an older encounter with the man, in which he is spoken to as an NPC in-game, rather than in the cutscene he ended up in. The character’s name is listed as Blood Minister.

The Blood Minister used to have a bigger role in the story, evidently, and he also goes into some detail about the player-character—about how he comes from a plague-ridden land and hopes to find a cure in Yarnham.

Most intriguin is that, in some the cut content that McDonals has revealed, the Blood Minister mentions Ebriatas, who players willl remember as a Great One, left behind by the others of her kind as they ascended—in similar fashion to the way that the character of Kevin was left behind in Home Alone. Also like Kevin, Ebriatas was quite a challenge to fight, as well.


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