Blockbuster is continuing its gaming push with what it's calling a "killer" trade-in deal for Capcom's newly released Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.

Trade in a new release game from the list below and Raccoon City can be yours for £4.99.

Accepted games include Mass Effect, Street Fighter X Tekken, FIFA Street and Twisted Metal.

"For all Resident Evil and zombie fans, this offer is 'not of this world'. With such a 'killer' deal, our staff will be ready to fend off any wandering zombies," said James Morton, head of games at Blockbuster UK. "It is all part of our continued push to offer the best deals whether you rent, trade or buy."

The trade-in service is available across Blockbuster's 600 stores nationwide. A free Blockbuster membership is required to take advantage of the trade-in offer.