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Blizzard will fix Overwatch hero Ashe’s Warlock Halloween skin

Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan has stated that Blizzard will fix Ashe’s Warlock Halloween skin that has made the hero almost unplayable (via Dexerto). 

Ashe’s damage dealt increases dramatically when she aims down the sights and adds accuracy. This is quite important to people who want to win, which I imagine is a large proportion of players. However, the sights on this rifle are outlined with a thick, bright yellow line and mimic the shape of an eyeball. It’s all very stylish, sure, but players are expressing frustration that the sights are distracting and drastically decrease their accuracy. 

‘It is kind of ridiculously obtrusive for no reason,’ one player said on the Competitive Overwatch subreddit. Another commented, ‘I mean, I think we can all agree it goes with the skin and looks absolutely amazing. However this shit is unplayable.’ The community thinks it’s gone to hell in a handbasket, but, all is not lost. The sights will be fixed as revealed by Blizzard yesterday.

Kaplan swooped in to the game’s subreddit and showed off what the improved sights will look like. The update thins the lines that make up the sight and the stylish eye shape has been kept. It seems like the new sights will be much less obstructive. ‘[W]e're still working out a time table to patch this fix in,’ Kaplan said. ‘[T]hanks for your patience.’


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