Frank Pearce and Gabe Newell, the founders of Blizzard Entertainment and Valve respectively, have stated their wishes for the barricade between online services on consoles to break down.

Speaking to Develop, Pearce explained it would be "ideal to have a unified online community regardless of the platform that gamers are playing on."

Newell went on to say the industry must "figure out how to make the Internet better instead of figuring out how to keep customers off the Internet."

He added: "One way is a dead end, the other creates more value".

Blizzard is currently interested in penetrating the console space, said Pearce, as the firm has "a lot of guys in the office who are passionate about the console space; people who have a lot of great ideas for interactive ideas in the console space. It's definitely something we'll revisit."

Cross-platform play is increasingly becoming a point of interest, with the likes of EVE Online studio CCP developing the cross-platform MMO Dust 514.