Blizzard has launched a helpful guide on how to use the upcoming Diablo 3 auction house system.

The game boasts both in-game gold and real world money auction houses, with players able to switch between the two when they wish. Each of these houses is split into three regions (Americas, Europe, Asia), operating independently.

Much like eBay, Blizzard will charge a transaction fee when selling items on the real money auction house. Equipment listings will be charged $1 per sale, whilst commodities (gems, dyes, recipes) will earn the publisher a 15 per cent cut of the sale. All earnings from sales can be transferred to the user's account, or to PayPal with the latter incurring a further 15 per cent fee.

Those opting to store funds in their account will be limited to €250 EUR, and this money can't later be moved to PayPal.

You'll find more on the Diablo III Auction House system here.

Blizzard has also confirmed that Diablo 3 will support cross region multiplayer.

The game launches May 15.