Blizzard has announced the start of the 2010 Blizzard Global Writing Contest and is encouraging writers of all kinds to submit their creative works.

There are a few rules to guide your creative juices, principally that the word count must be between 2,550 and 7,500 in English and the story must be set in the Warcraft, StarCraft, or Diablo universe.

Submissions must make it to Blizzard by August 23, 2010.

The grand prize winner will receive a trip to Blizzard's headquarters in southern California, where the talented writer will meet and eat with the Blizzard writing staff. The winner will also receive their choice of a Diablo III "OVERTHROWN" barbarian diorama or a Frostmourne sword.

Seven runners-up will each receive a prize package of the Diablo Archive, the Warcraft Archive, the StarCraft Archive, and the Warcraft: War of the Ancients Archive, all signed by Chris Metzen, the cover artists, and Blizzard's writing staff.

You'll find all the info you need about entering over on