Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified's single-player campaign is only 45 minutes long, critics have claimed.

The Vita shooter, which launched alongside big brother Black Ops 2 earlier this week, features 10 single-player missions which it's claimed can be completed "in about three to four minutes each".

Game Informer's reviewer claims that he beat the "primary single-player mode" in 42 minutes, with a similar play length touted by Pocket Gamer's critic.

In fact, the only reason it took Pocket Gamer longer to complete, the website suggests, is due to the game being "brutally unforgiving in certain spots". However, it goes on to say that a "seasoned Call of Duty player... can probably beat the entire story mode in forty five minutes". could not independently verify either publication's claims at the time of publishing.

Call of Duty games have never been renowned for the length of their campaigns, of course. Typical console CODs can usually be completed in around 6 hours. None, however, have ever been as short as Declassified appears to be.

Of course, there's always Declassified's online multiplayer mode to try out when you finish the game, or the 'Time Trial' and "uninspired horde clone" modes. But if you're buying it purely for the core single-player campaign, be prepared to pay around £1 per minute of playtime.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified released exclusively on PlayStation Vita on Tuesday. The game costs £44.99 on PlayStation Store.

Source: Game Informer, Pocket Gamer