Black Friday Samsung Galaxy S22, S22+ & S22 Ultra smartphone $200 off

Black Friday Samsung Galaxy S22, S22+ & S22 Ultra smartphone $200 off
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This Black Friday Samsung Galaxy S22 deal is frankly a bit ridiculous. We’re talking about getting more than half price for a high end smartphone device, that hit the shelves just months ago. For it to already be at such a huge discount is crazy and just shows how powerful Black Friday can be.

In order to make full use of this deal you do have to trade in your old device but, with the specs on the new Galaxy S22, it seems pretty unlikely you’re going to miss it, and even if you don’t there are still hundreds of dollars knocked off the full price.

Here are the the best deals for the Samsung Galaxy S22 available this Black Friday

Editor’s pick
Save $300 NOW!

Galaxy S22 256GB

6.1″ AMOLED Display, featuring 8GB RAM, 120Hz Refresh Rate and a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor.
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39% off NOW!

Samsung Galaxy S22 (256GB, Verizon)

Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, 3700mAh battery, 8GB RAM, Wireless charging, 5G, Infinity-0 FHD+ Dynamic AMOLED 2X Display

Samsung have been going hog wild this Black Friday, tossing out huge savings on TVs, sound bars, projectors and smartwatches. These deals on both the S22 and the S22 ultra, seems to signal that, with Black Friday just hours away, they have no intention of slowing down.

The Galaxy S22 range has been impressing android smartphone fans, holding its own against the likes of the Google Pixel and iPhone 14. Samsung itself especially emphasises the incredible power of the phones 3 cameras, to capture high quality images in all lights and contexts.

Best Black Friday Samsung Galaxy S22, S22+ & S22 Ultra deals

Here are the huge deals Samsung are offering on their latest range of Galaxy smartphones. These savings are pretty significant and come just in time for Christmas. There’s an option to add device protection as well.

What Samsung Galaxy S22, S22+ & S22 Ultra smartphones are on sale for Black Friday?

All 3 phones in the Galaxy S22 line have all gone on sale here. The Galaxy Ultra is seeing an especially large discount with over $200 knocked off, before you even consider trade in. While the S22+ Can go for as little as $324 with an eligible trade-in. That’s a stonking 59% off.

Which Galaxy S22 smartphone should I buy on Black Friday?

If you’re struggling with which one to pick, think of the Galaxy S22+ as a slightly optimised version of the S22. It has a longer battery and larger screen but not much else different. Meanwhile the Galaxy S22 Ultra stands alone as its own beast, with a next level camera capable of 10x optical zoom, up to 12gb of ram and 1TB storage capabilities.

Black Friday Samsung Galaxy S22 deals FAQs

Does Black Friday apply to Samsung?

Samsung has fully leant into Black Friday this year, offering deals on each and every range of its products. This means you can make savings on TVs, smartphones, tablets, speakers, projectors, monitors and more, This is all just on the Samsung website with tech retailers also offering their own discounts on their Samsung products.

Is Black Friday a good time to get a new phone?

Coming just before the expensive Christmas shopping period, Black Friday often offers the lowest prices you will see for a while. Another advantage is that you can be confident any phone you’re looking for will have a deal available. That said, there’s no guarantee the deal offered will be amazing when compared with prices offered a few months before Black Friday