Speaking to IGN at CES 2010 last week, BioWare project manager Casey Hudson revealed that the studio has already begun work on Mass Effect 3.

"We are already at work on Mass Effect 3," said Hudson. "Building the first bits of the story, putting that together."

Hudson added that BioWare intends to make the wait for the third game in the trilogy as painless as possible, promising regular Mass Effect 2 DLC.

"There will be great downloadable content throughout the time that Mass Effect 2 is out there while people are waiting for the third one," he explained. "You'll always have great stuff. New adventures to play. New things to do."

Hudson added: "We basically plan for DLC pretty shortly after the release of the game and then a pretty intense schedule of downloadable content throughout."

Mass Effect 2 is scheduled for release on January 29 for Xbox 360 and PC.