The Dragon Age franchise will continue to expand and fans can look forward to seeing more elements from Dragon Age: Origins featuring in the next title, BioWare co-founder Dr Ray Muzyka has told

"We'll definitely continue to expand Dragon Age," promised Muzyka. "We haven't announced details about what the next games are - we've hinted at it though - but we're going to take in all the feedback we got on Dragon Age II. We take it to heart.

"It's incredibly uplifting and exciting to see fans embracing some of the new innovations we tried to bring in Dragon Age 2. On the other hand, the team takes it to heart when they see fans who were expecting more Dragon Age: Origins and just weren't as engaged by it.

"But I think we can marry those, we could actually take the things that people were looking for from Origins and other great legacy games from BioWare, and marry that with some of the innovations we brought in Dragon Age 2. And I think the combination of them will be very powerful, but the key for us is that we can't ignore feedback - we never ignore feedback."

He added: "Dragon Age 2 was very polarising. We had a lot of people that said it was amazing and that they loved it, and other people who were disappointed because they wanted more Dragon Age: Origins.

"We're taking that feedback seriously; our core fans are really important to us, and we're going to do our best to try and deliver a game that both reaches new fans and fans of BioWare products."

Dragon Age 2 was released earlier this year to a mixed critical and fan reception. We awarded the game a disappointing 7/10 in our Dragon Age 2 review.