Bionic Commando sells only 27k in the US

Bionic Commando sells only 27k in the US
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According to data provided to Gamasutra by the NPD Group, both Bionic Commando and Terminator Salvation failed to generate significant sales in May.

Both GRIN developed games were released in the US on May 19 for Xbox 360 and PS3, but in the period up to May 30 Terminator Salvation sold 43,000 units and Bionic Commando sold only 27,000 units.

Bionic Commando, based on the 1980’s side-scroller, could end up being Capcom’s first major flop in the high definition era, having previously successfully launched Dead Rising, Lost Planet, Devil May Cry 4, Street Fighter IV and Resident Evil 5.

Back in August 2008, Capcom announced that Bionic Commando Rearmed, a XBLA/PSN/PC remake of the original game achieved sales of more than 130,000 in its first week.