The official packshot for Beyond: Two Souls has been released, featuring Ellen Page's Jodie character in a movie-poster design.

Beyond packshot

The lead actors, Page and Willem Dafoe, are also named above the game's logo and dev studio, Quantic Dream.

"We worked together with the team at Quantic Dream to choose an image that we felt was both cinematic and in keeping with the emotional journey that the final game will take you on," explained Ross Alexander, European product manager, SCEE. "We hope you like it."

Alexander added: "Ultimately, we decided on the packshot you see above because it felt sophisticated, mature and different from most traditional game packaging, and it really captures the emotion Ellen Page conveyed in her performance as Jodie. The image of Jodie at peace in the eye of the storm really speaks to her constant battle with the incredible gift she's been given."

Beyond: Two Souls will be released in October - Sony hasn't pinned down the exact date for Europe.

Source: EU PlayStation Blog