Michel Ancel has dropped another hint that a re-reveal for Beyond Good & Evil 2 could be right around the corner, teasing new artwork for lead character Jade and stating that the game would be a "good candidate" for its new focus on "serious" titles.

Ancel discussed the game in a Twitch livestream last month, referring to working on Rayman Legends as a "nice holiday time".

"So we are going to make serious games, man," he continued, "so Beyond Good & Evil could be a good candidate for making a real serious game now. Enough holidays!"

He later emerged with new concept art of Jade, sporting a similar look to that seen in the game's original teaser trailer.

Little has been seen of the game since its 2008 reveal, although recent comments from Ancel have suggested that it could be due to make a comeback soon.

"We can't talk too much about [Beyond Good & Evil 2] just to avoid disappointing people," Ancel told us last July, "but yes, we think that now the time could come to make this kind of game and move to this kind of very ambitious game."

Ubisoft's E3 2014 briefing takes place June 6. Could we see more of the game there...?

Source: twitch.tv, youtube.com