Legendary Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima's stories would be "fantastic" if he limited himself to only 30 minutes, Capcom's Ben Judd has said.

Speaking to VideoGamer.com, the Bionic Commando producer said that he liked Metal Gear Solid 4 on the PS3 "with the exception of the story", which he feels "keep getting longer and longer".

When asked what games caught his attention in the last year, he replied: "I liked Metal Gear Solid 4, with the exception of the story. I like Kojima's stories, but they keep getting longer and longer. He needs to put the clamps on himself and only give himself 30 minutes. If he did that I'm sure they'd be fantastic."

MGS4 split gamers down the middle when it was released exclusively for the PS3 in June due to the excessive length of the cut scenes. They didn't stop Tom loving the game though. He gave it 9/10 in his review.

Judd added: "I did like Super Mario Galaxy. Even MGS4 is more of the same. In Galaxy it's still the same basic moves. It's still 70/80 per cent the same."

On the upcoming 'next-gen' Bionic Commando game, Judd said: "We're trying to do something with a new mechanic. People say it's like Spider-man, even though for us it's nothing like Spider-man - it plays very very different."

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