Speaking to VideoGamer.com, Atilla Soross, senior developer at Eidos Hungary, revealed that although the Battlestations series has thus far only appeared on the PC and Xbox 360 platforms - including the in development Battlestations: Pacific - the developer isn't ruling out bringing the military simulation series to PlayStation 3.

"We are certainly interested in PS3 as major current-gen platform, but at this point I cannot reveal more about our plans with the brand," explained Soross.

Soross also offered an insight into the possible direction the series might take in future versions, noting: "... the team has several ideas about the settings of future Battlestations games and the modern era is one of them. However, currently we are focusing on realizing the potential in Battlestations Pacific."

We also quizzed the senior developer about the possibility of expanding the scope of the series to enable players to take control of individual soldiers, much like EA's Battlefield franchise. It doesn't seem likely that this will happen though, Soross stating: "We are going to consider all possible options in shaping the brand's vision, but Battlestations is about scale and a great variety of units either under your command or directly controlled by you."

You can find the full interview elsewhere on VideoGamer.com, where Soross reveals more on Battlestations: Pacific's multiplayer game modes and how the game should be more accessible than its predecessor.