Towards the end of last year LucasArts released some new content for Battlefront II as a free download, but at the same time announced an expansion pack which had a price tag attached to it. This expansion is now available to download and for $4.99 (or currency equivalent) you get four maps from the original game, plus two new playable characters.

The new map additions are Bespin (Cloud City), Yavin 4 (Arena) and Rhen Var (Harbor and Citadel). Each map features Conquest, Capture the Flag and Hero Free-For-All modes, with the Rhen Var Harbor also having a Hunt wampa mode. The two new characters are the Jedi Kit Fisto and Asajj Ventress who wields a new breed of weapon, the fibercord-linked lightsaber.

You can download the new content by accessing the Downloadable Content section, via the multiplayer menu of the game. At this time the new content is only available on the Xbox.

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