Phenomic has announced that its Real-Time Strategy game, BattleForge, is now expanding with the BattleForge Renegade Edition card set beginning August 25.

In the Renegade Edition card set players will have access to legendary units and monumental buildings from the Southern Wastes region of Nyn with over 60 additional cards that will be available through "Renegade Booster Packs" via the in-game store.

Two new playable factions will be revealed, the Bandits and Stonekin, along with a host of new legendary creatures. BattleForge is also adding dual orb cards and special affinities that are said to deepen and enrich the strategic possibilities for the players' decks and combat.

This week also sees the continuation of the Renegade map campaign, with the release of Oracle, a new single-player PvE scenario. In this new map, Moon provides a prophecy that will guide players to unite the fire tribes.

BattleForge is a Play4Free game and can be downloaded from The new Renegade Booster Packs will be available from the in-game store priced 250 BattleForge points or $2.50.