Electronic Arts has revealed to Polygon that Battlefield V will include two flavours of in-game currencies when it hits stores later this year.

While it's not naming anything at the moment, one currency will be hoovered up by simply playing the game and completing objectives as per the norm. The other, however, can be purchased using real cash and will be used to buy cosmetic items.

Remember, there's no loot boxes in Battlefield V so it won't be pay-to-win. The items you buy don't affect gameplay at all. 

Star Wars Battlefront II now employs a similar in-game currency system, although it wasn't always like this. The game had loot boxes at launch that pretty much derailed a huge amount of interest in the sequel, to the point where EA removed them.

Battlefield V is due out on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on October 19. While there's apparently no plans for a battle royale mode in the game, DICE has admitted that such a feature would be a 'natural fit' for the title.

For now, here's some important stuff you can look forward to doing in Battlefield V.

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