DICE has revealed that Battlefield V will feature a campaign mission told from the perspective of the German army. 

The Last Tiger forms part of the single-player War Stories, a series of self-contained missions that shine the spotlight on the various 'untold' battles of World War II. However, the developer has revealed that the mission is 'not a hero story.' Instead, it focuses on the 'aspects of consequence,' design director Daniel Berlin revealed to Eurogamer.

'Building The Last Tiger, we decided to really dive into the emotions and the aspects of consequence, I'd say, and that was a driving factor when we built this,' he said. 'You may deny the actions you made, but even if you deny them you have to live with the consequences. All actions have consequences, even in war, so that's an ongoing theme throughout the whole thing.'

'And I don't want to spoil anything, but I hope that mantra helps you understand some of what I mean when I say it's not a hero story. It's really about this tank crew going to war in this crazy machine and they start to actually question why they fight.'

The Last Tiger, named after the iconic German Tiger Tank, takes place during the latter stages of the conflict, and sees the crew beginning to 'question the ideology that got them to this point.' 

Battlefield V is due for release on November 20 on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. The game's campaign will be narrated by actor Mark Strong, and you can see how it's shaping up in the latest trailer here.

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