Battlefield Premium has been purchased over 800,000 times in the first two weeks since its launch on June 4, EA has announced.

For £39.99 on PS3/PC or 4000 Microsoft Points on Xbox 360, Battlefield Premium offers various in-game perks and access to all of Battlefield 3's DLC content.

Thanks to this, EA is looking at (approximately, based on a crude £39.99 x 800,000 calculation) around £31m to shovel into the company coffers.

"We are very pleased with the performance so far," said Captain Obvious (aka EA brass Patrick Soderlund) to USA Today.

Does this mean EA will be looking to sandwich a similar service into all of their titles? Will it be trumped up season passes for everyone?

The latest expansion pack, the infantry-based and 7/10 scoring Close Quarters, came out in tandem with the service.

Rivals Activision boasted one million sales of similar service Call of Duty: Elite in six days, though it has never made clear just how many of those numbers came from people purchasing the Limited Edition of Modern Warfare 3, where a code for one year of Call of Duty: Elite was included. All we can say for sure is that they've both got piles of cash.