The Xbox 360 version of Battlefield 4 requires a huge 14.4GB installation in order to achieve the best performance, an EA support page has revealed.

In addition to a mandatory 2GB install, Battlefield 4's mutliplayer and single-player component - which ship on separate discs - each offer optional installs for "better performance".

The Multiplayer Disc, or Disc 1: Has an additional 6.6 GB of content

The Single Player Disc, or Disc 2: Has 5.8 GB of installation content

"We highly recommend performing these additional installations to make sure you have the best experience possible in Battlefield 4," states the support page.

Installation requirements for the PS3 version haven't been posted.

Battlefield 4 launches November 1 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

A 2GB mandatory installation seems reasonable, but 14.4GB for the best performance is going to be an issue for many Xbox 360 gamers struggling for free storage space.