Battlefield 4 will not let players transfer their multiplayer progress between platforms, including between current and next-gen platforms, DICE has confirmed.

Instead, players' career and multiplayer progress will be restricted to each version, "similar to Battlefield 3".

Responding to a question on Twitter asking whether players would be able to transfer their multiplayer rank from the Xbox 360 version of Battlefield 4 to the Xbox One version, DICE responded:

"No. Each platform is treated like a separate career, similar to how it works in Battlefield 3."

There's no support for cross-gen play, either, meaning current-gen users will not be able to play with next-gen players and vice versa.

The news will come as a disappointment to those hoping to start their Battlefield 4 multiplayer career on current-gen before jumping onto next-gen platforms.

It's also somewhat of a surprise. Earlier this week, EA announced that current-gen FIFA 14 players would be able to transfer their Ultimate Team progress and items onto next-gen versions. DICE also suggested it was working on something similar during E3.

The first look at Battlefield 4's Battlelog is due later today.

The time difference between the two versions hopefully means this won't be too big of an issue. Battlefield 4 launches on current-gen platforms on November 1, with next-gen versions expected to arrive at the launch of the consoles later in the month. Still, given that EA has the tech to do it with FIFA, why not support Battlefield in the same way?

Source: @battlefield