Sony has explained how it plans to offer PlayStation 3 players the chance to upgrade their PS3 copy of Battlefield 4 to a PS4 copy for £10.

According to PlayStation community manager 'Envisager', "marked physical copies" of Battlefield 4 will include a single-use code offering the player the chance to purchase a digital PlayStation 4 copy of Battlefield 4 via PlayStation Store for £10.

It isn't yet clear whether all physical PS3 copies of Battlefield 4 will include the code, or whether players will be required to pick up a particular SKU.

Alternatively, players can trade in their PS3 copy at GAME and receive £40 credit towards a physical PS4 copy.

The upgrade path from Xbox 360 to Xbox One has yet to be explained, but it's fair to expect a similar code-based system.

EA announced last month that Battlefield 4 players will be able to transfer their multiplayer progression and Premium membership DLC from current-generation consoles to next-generation consoles.

Battlefield 4 launches on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC on November 1, with Xbox One and PS4 versions expected to follow at the launch of each console.


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