Battlefield 4 will release on next-generation platforms, retailer GameStop has revealed.

In an email detailing the game's pre-order bonuses, GameStop said that "the game will be available for current and next-generation platforms and windows PC in fall 2013".

EA has yet to officially announce PlayStation 4 or next-gen Xbox versions of Battlefield 4, and in an interview with, DICE refused to confirm whether a next-gen version was in development.

Instead, the game has only officially been announced for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

But if a next-gen console version is in development, DICE could have a challenge on its hands getting it running at the level of fidelity on display in the PC demo.

The demo, seen below, was running on a Radeon HD 7990, which AMD claims to be the "world's fastest graphics card".


Source: GameStop Email