Battlefield 4 is the latest Origin Game Time title, offering users of EA's service 168 hours free access.

This free game time can be started any time you choose so long as you download the game before August 14, and can be used to play the entire single-player campaign and multiplayer.

"Game Time for Battlefield 4 is the entire experience, available to play for one entire week. Go ahead, use your 168 hours of Game Time to complete the single-player campaign," reads the Game Time blub. "Then jump into multiplayer and join your friends in 64-player warfare until the sun comes up... again and again and again."

Your 168 hours begin once you launch the game from Origin, and this will countdown in real time whether you are playing or not.

Those who wish to keep playing beyond the 168 hours can buy the game and maintain their progress and Origin Achievements.

Source: Origin