Battlefield 4 players will be able to transfer their multiplayer data and Premium membership from current-generation consoles to next-generation consoles, EA has confirmed.

The news follows confusion earlier this month, when DICE suggested that it would not be offering support for cross-gen saves, only to later say that it was still investigating the idea.

"Whether you are playing on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, we want to make your transition to next generation consoles easy," said a post on "That is why today we are informing the devoted Battlefield community that all the time and effort you spend building up your Battlefield 4 stats will carry over when you upgrade from the Xbox 360 to Xbox One and from the PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4.

"That way, on November 1st, you can get in the game without any worries that you will have to start ranking up all over again when the next generation consoles launch. We got your back."

Multiplayer stats, unlocks, assignments, awards and ranks will all be transferred.

Alongside multiplayer data, Battlefield Premium memberships will also be transferrable, allowing players to download add-on content and DLC at no additional cost.

"With membership, players can expect themed digital expansion packs, new weekly content and personalisation options," the post continued. "And just as your stats, unlocks and rank will be transferrable from current-gen to Xbox One and PlayStation 4, so too will Battlefield 4 Premium membership."

Activision announced a similar transfer option for shooter-rival Call of Duty: Ghosts earlier this evening.

Battlefield 4 launches on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on November 1, with PS4 and Xbox One versions expected to follow at each console's launch.