Battlefield 4: China Rising, one of the first expansion packs due to release for this month's top multiplayer shooter, will become available to Battlefield 4 Premium members on Tuesday, December 3.

The release date is mentioned in the Premium content calendar located in the game's menu. Non-Premium members will be able to purchase the expansion pack two weeks later, presumably on Tuesday, December 17.

However, it isn't yet known when those who pre-ordered Battlefield 4 will gain access. The expansion pack will be available to download for free to those who pre-ordered the game from participating retailers.

China Rising is one of five expansion packs planned for Battlefield 4, and introduces four "massive" maps set across "the vast and majestic Chinese mainland" alongside new vehicles and equipment.

It follows the release of Battlefield 4: Second Assault, another expansion pack containing four fan-favourite maps from Battlefield 3 due to launch first on Xbox One on November 22.

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