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Josh Wise by on Jun 21, 2022

Battlefield 2042 doesn’t plan to remove its Russian forces

EA has said that it won’t be removing Russian forces from Battlefield 2042, in the wake of events in Ukraine.

In an interview with Eurogamer, EA DICE general manager Rebecka Coutaz spoke about the issue:

“First of all, we were here at DICE of course, we were as shocked as everybody else on the 24th of February waking up to see what was happening in Eastern Europe. We have a lot of team members coming from Eastern Europe and we have had to deal with that, so that they feel comfortable, and we’re here and we listen and help them to take care of themselves.

“That was our first concern. Then the second concern is we are a military shooter game, and today on Battlefield 2042 one of the opposing factions is Russian. What we have done is an audit of the game and try to be as sensitive as we can to be with as much respect as we can for everything that we do.”

Asked whether or not the situation was likely to change, Coutaz said, “That is very difficult to change in this entertainment game.”

Battlefield 2042 launched last year, and it didn’t do very well. Chief Studios Officer Laura Miele said that the game “failed to meet the expectations of our players, and also clearly missed our own expectations.”


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