Warner Bros. has been showing off Batman: Arkham Origins and revealed a ton of new information as well as demonstrating a new demo. Here's all you need to know in bullet point form.

  • Events now take place in South Gotham and the world is twice as big as Arkham City.
  • The combat system has been changed to be a touch faster and gives detailed feedback after each fight telling you how hard the battle was and how successful you were, including how much XP you earned.
  • New Crime In Progress quests act as dynamic missions that can be attempted or ignored. The hardest areas of Origins will be found in these areas.
  • New enemy types include the 'Armoured Enforcer' - Batman has to remove his armour with specific attacks before he can land proper damage - and the 'Martial Artist', who is just as apt at countering as the Dark Knight. The duels you can have with them are similar to a mixed-martial arts contest such is the back and forth that can take place.
  • Villain Anarchy features heavily in the game but is not part of the crew hunting down Batman. He is creating havoc in the city and believes that Batman and himself have the same ideologies.
  • The detective system has been upgraded so that Batman can re-piece a crime scene through the evidence he finds. In this instance, a helicopter had been shot out the sky and the chain of events could be uncovered by scanning back and forth through the crash, although digitally.
  • The remote claw is a new gadget. It allows Batman to tie two objects together and then bring them together, such as strapping an explosive barrel to an enemy's leg.
  • The demo focused on Batman trying to hunt down Black Mask but eventually found The Joker in an abandoned building with Bane. The Joker begins blowing up buildings as the demo came to a close.
  • Warner Bros. promised there was still a big twist to be revealed in the coming months.

VideoGamer.com also got to play through the E3 mission and is happy to say it's as good, if not better, than the previous iterations. It looks incredible, plays excellently - the sped up combat makes it just a touch more intense - and the younger Batman seems to be perfectly weighted in terms of learning his trade while still being a skilled fighter and detective.